Almost Broken

Who We Are

Almost Broken [FLEET] is an EVE Online alliance based in a null-sec region of EVE known as Providence.

As an alliance we are mainly focused on two disciplines of EVE Online game play; Coalition PvP and Industry. We participate/form fleets regularly to defend our region from frequent would-be hostile visitors. In tandem, a number of us enjoy participating in the industrial aspects of the game.

We aim to maintain a core of active members (100-150) across multiple time zones. Our members are actively working together to arrange/execute projects amongst themselves and further maximizing the benefits provided to them as being a part of this alliance.



Our People

  • Alpha Flight

    Alpha Flight A F L

    Founded: Oct 2015, Members: 61, Tax Rate: 10%

  • GamCorp

    GamCorp GAMCO

    Founded: Jan 2004, Members: 34, Tax Rate: 10%

  • Hyperflux Industries

    Hyperflux Industries HYFIN

    Founded: Sep 2009, Members: 13, Tax Rate: 10%

  • Liela Advanced Resource Acquisition

    Liela Advanced Resource Acquisition LARA2

    Founded: Mar 2017, Members: 8, Tax Rate: 1.5%

  • SONY M.I.T.


    Founded: May 2017, Members: 47, Tax Rate: 5%

  • Join Us



    • Plenty of targets to shoot at without 40 jumps of barren wasteland
    • Small gang roams, camps, black ops
    • Ship replacement program (SRP)
    • Access to intel channels and comms servers
    • Access to jump bridges
    • Mining fleets with max Rorqual boost
    • Space to make isk
    • Mature, team based environment
    • It's space pixels, real life comes first!


    • English spoken, preferrably UK timezone
    • Active voice comms participation (mumble)
    • People interested in PvP with a sprinkle of PvE
    • Respect for other alliance members
    • 50M per month/corp membership fee

    Getting Started

    To get started, join our public channel EVE-FLEET.

    All coding by lost packet / Almost Broken